Субкультура Онлайн

A society divided by a professional, entertaining, and age, are also divided on the family and sexual lines. Even now, we have already created a variety of new subcultures based on marital status. Once people vaguely classified as single, married and widowed. Today, this division into three parts does not meet the requirements. The proportion of divorces in most advanced countries so great that there is a new social group - those who are not married or those who fall in between marriages. Morton Hunt, an expert in this field, describes the “world of people, consisting mainly of marriage.”
This group, says Hunt, is a “subculture … with their own mechanisms of any
action, its own separate management models of life or the life of a divorce, their possibilities of friendship, social life and love. “8 As its members are moving away from their married or married friends, they are increasingly isolated from those who are married, and prior married people, like teenager’am or surfers tend to form social enclaves with their own favorite places of meetings, their own attitudes at the time, their different sexual codes and agreements.
Notable trends indicate that this social category razrastetsya in the future. And when this happens, the world “was first married in turn to break a lot of Mirko, a growing number of subkulturnyh groups. Since the larger subculture, the more reason to think that it would fall apart and give life to new subcultures.
Therefore, if the first key to the future social organization of society lies in the idea of increasing the number of subcultures, the second - in their size. This basic principle is often not noticed by those who best realized in “mass society”. This principle helps to explain the existence of differences, even with very strong pressure of standardization, since the inevitable limitations of social communication is the amount of acting as a force to the diversity of the organization. For example, the larger the population of the town, the more numerous - and different - in the subculture, the greater the subculture, the greater the differences, which lead her to the division and diversity. An excellent example of this can be a hippie.

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